A freak of nature.

The world’s most iconic natural amphitheatre. And the experts agree. Music trade publication Pollstar named Red Rocks the Best Small Outdoor Venue, so many times they finally changed the award’s name to the Red Rocks Award.

Needless to say, the music sells itself. But with the addition of a new Visitor’s Center, the opportunity was to sell this Denver park as not just a concert venue, but also as a tourism desitination. With plenty to offer in the outdoorsy and natural realm.

So we decided to appropriate an intenionally naive, side-show style to convey the freak of nature concept. You now the ol’ lobster boy, bearded lady and two headed cow murals? Often considered politically incorrect, it made the perfect statement for this legendary City and County of Denver park.

Client: City and County of Denver
Agency: Factory Design Labs
Art Director: Jeff Euteneuer
Copywriter: Jim Glynnn
Creative Director: Steve Whittier
Illustrator: Jay Vollmar

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