A total redesign.

This big-box liquor store sells more Budweiser than any other liquor store in the state. The problem was, it looked like it. Cheap and basic.

The client wanted an upgrade to attract the wine and craft brew crowd. So I came up with a theme that could appeal to both audiences: a cabin in the woods. 

Referencing mountain chalets and hunting cabins, this 44,000 square foot space got an outdoorsy makeover. The new identity, inspired by the Smith & Wesson logo, welcomed visitors above a lodge style entrance.

Real aspen trees and skylights brought the outdoors in. Reclaimed marquee letters were used as wayfinding. Weathered corrugated steel was used for cooler awnings. Backlit pinhole logo treatments and hand-painted lettering added visual interest. And beetle-kill pine and custom fixtures sealed the deal.

Client: Total Beverage
Agency: Sukle
Creative Director: Mike Sukle
Art Director: Jeff Euteneuer
Designers: Brigida Magro, Greg Jesse
Fabricators: Tim Sukle, Matt Doubek

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